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What’s that movie called where the mother and daughter kill the father?

i really can’t remember what it’s called. i think it’s in spanish or something like that where the mother and the daughter or just the mother kill the father and then hide the body or something?:S helppp

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4 Responses to “What’s that movie called where the mother and daughter kill the father?”

  1. lizzy said:

    the only one i can think of similar to that is Heartbreakers.. but i’m not sure that’s what you;re talking about

  2. Jake S said:

    Perfect Stranger?

  3. Tzapporah J said:

    i kno the movie perfect stranger with Halle berry and Bruce Willis that when she was young her mother killed her father because she found him mollesting her and they buried him together

  4. Tintin said:

    maybe VOLVER with Penelope Cruz?

    Raimunda, her daughter Paula and her sister Sole travel from Madrid to the windy and superstitious village of Alcanfor de las Infantas to visit the grave of their mother and aunt Irene, who died years ago in a fire with her husband. Then they visit Irene’s sister Paula, an old senile aunt that raised Raimunda after the death of her parents that insists to tell them that Irene is alive and living with her; later, they go to the house of her neighbor and friend Agustina, who gives a support to Paula. They return to Madrid, and after a hard day of work, Raimunda meets her daughter completely disturbed in the bus stop waiting for her. When they arrive home, Paula tells that she killed her unemployed father Paco, who was completely drunk and tried to rape her. While Raimunda is hiding his body, Sole calls her to tell that their beloved aunt Paula had died. On the next morning, Sole travels alone to the funeral, and when she returns to Madrid, she finds her mother hided in the truck of her car. She brings Irene to her apartment, where secrets from the past are disclosed


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