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Whats a movie as good as donnie darko and garden state?

I loved both these movies because i could relate easily to the protagonists. Unlike other movies, these both concentrate on the protagonists’ psychological plights through life. They are easy to relate to. Some suggestions?

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5 Responses to “Whats a movie as good as donnie darko and garden state?”

  1. space monkey said:

    If you liked Donnie Darko- you might like this odd movie called “Perfume”. Truly one of the strangest movies I have ever seen.

  2. cat said:

    ahhh Donnie Darko is such a cool movie! American Beauty is a great movie; you should definitely see that if you haven’t.

  3. YA is dominated by me! Account 2 said:

    Where the wild things are
    The box (same director as Donnie Darko, I loved both movies)
    Fantastic Mr. Fox

  4. Release the Kraken! said:

    Heathers was a cheesy, but very entertaining 80s movie that you could enjoy.

  5. Brian B said:

    Just for psychological effects, i would recommend Memento.

    Ordinary People was great too.


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