How is it possible that Victor has a daughter in the movie Underworld?

I’ve never understood this. Can vampires have children? Or is it that only male vampires can father children to human women? And I’m guessing that Sonja, seeing how in Rise of the Lycans she is first shown as a child, that she was born a human and then later on when she was old enough, Victor turned her into a vampire?

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4 Responses to “How is it possible that Victor has a daughter in the movie Underworld?”

  1. The Lion of the West said:

    no she was born a vampire

  2. katie d said:

    yes vampires can have children. remember that sonja was pregnant with lucians child. and yes sonja was born as a vampire.

  3. LORD Z said:

    I like this question.

    Apparently this writer believes that undead people can procreate. it is a sacrilegious thought in that God has to release a soul to be tormented with no opportunity for redemption.

    I think in the second movie you find that Viktor was a ruler with family and followers already and Marcus turned them all to vampires for Viktor’s support in fighting the Lycans.

    But or course, that does not explain how the child vampires mature.

    I also never understood the Michael thing. My guess is not everyone was turned at once. Michael’s lineage dates back to a Corvinas that never was bitten by bat or dog but holds the recessive immortal gene. What I do not understand is why it is recessive before he is bitten. At any rate , back to the daughter, she has Viktor’s genetic code but she needs to be bitten to turn.

    There is also the possibility that he only called her his daughter.

    And there is the possibility that she is a half breed that Viktor had sex with her mother who was not a vampire.

    The possibilities are limitless.

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