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What movie should my daughter watch at her birthday party?

They will all be girls and between the ages of 10 and 15, thank you.

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6 Responses to “What movie should my daughter watch at her birthday party?”

  1. TheConfused. said :

    Sleepover, Garfield 2
    Shes the man

  2. Lindsay Shaybug said :

    depends…will u let them watch a scary movie? my mom use to let me watch horror movies at my slumber parties when i that age. we had a blast and my dad would sneak around the house and scare us to death, but it was really fun!! movies like the ring would have been ideal back then for me. u could let them watch it, and then as soon as it is over, use ur cell phone and call the house phone(if u have one), that would really get them!!
    but if not a fan of horror movies, maybe something Austin Powers, Charlie’s Angels, Scary Movie, or maybe post apocolyptic movies like War of the Worlds, or the day after tomorrow….what does she like??

  3. Kristi said :

    There are lots of good movies for pre-teens and teens. Because of the ten year old(s), I’m assuming the highest rating would be a PG.So here are the movies I recommend:

    A Cinderella Story
    Agent Cody Banks
    The Lizzie McGuire Movie
    Ella Enchanted
    What A Girl Wants
    The Princess Diaries
    The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
    Freaky Friday
    Life Size
    Ice Princess
    New York Minute

    Most of these movies came out when I was between the ages of 10 and 15 and I enjoyed them all. Also, they are all rated G or PG.

  4. KayKay said :

    what a girl wants
    sisterhood of the traveling pants 1 or 2

  5. sonia said :

    Your daughter can watch comedy film. When your daughter watch comedy movie she laugh is too much. All parents wants his child is happy forever.
    The list of comedy movies are
    No entry
    Goal Maal

  6. rani said :

    your girls is age between 10-15 years old I had already passed the age I have known her tastes very well.
    Aloo chaat
    Dhoondhte reh jaoge


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