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Why do Anti- and Pro-Jonas people abuse the Celebrities section for their Chat questions?

Seriously, go to a love or hate forum and vent there. It’s fine to ask questions about them, but when it gets chatty, it’s just annoying!

And I know, this is another one, but I just wanted to see if anyone agreed.

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7 Responses to “Why do Anti- and Pro-Jonas people abuse the Celebrities section for their Chat questions?”

  1. Kate. said:

    I know.

    I’m a fan, and it even annoys me a little.
    Somewhat entertaining though. So i dont mind too much.

  2. Agent Casper said:

    Oh please.
    Like 4 or 5 questions from us will have any effect on the spam you inflict on the once-great Celebrities section.

    Let us have our fun, too.

  3. California Girl (♥'s Hanson) said:

    calm down
    its JUST the internet
    and its hella fun
    ease up, and don’t take things so seriously

  4. ♥♥♥I kissed a boy and like it♥♥♥ said:

    This Jonas Brothers questions are getting me tired can we talk about someone else plezz just for a minute

  5. GossipGirlbby said:

    im not either.

    i can’t stand how someone could hate someone they don’t know,
    but at the same time i understand, because all the girls think they will actually marry nick jonas..

    but don’t get me wrong, they have good music.

  6. [PRO JONAS] said:

    Because they all lifeless losers who have nothing better to do. I am ProJonas but I have never asked one question about them because it already happens 234789570365675468973590067430 times a day. Im seriously about to invent a site for all of this to go away and actually ask decent celebrities questions!

  7. ♥Tiffany♥ is bit by the Lovebug. said:

    Pro– Because some stupid fan girls don’t realize that Y!A is for questions and answers. Idiotic, I know.

    Anti- Because they’re too lazy to go somewhere and bash people they don’t even know. Plus, theres nothing BUT Jonas questions around.


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