Why do people come on here and insist on asking stupid questions?

BTW, my questions are mostly stupid, but I have no idea why I do it. Please help me look inside myself.

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28 Responses to “Why do people come on here and insist on asking stupid questions?”

  1. curious said:

    People are bored, I guess.

  2. ~Lauren~ said:

    Boredom, boredom, boredom!!!

  3. Baby Grrrl said:

    Sory I can’t I am trying to figure out if I am passive/aggresive

  4. Sheila! :D said:

    you wonder what the answers will be.

  5. swallow said:

    only if you promise to look inside myself 1st

  6. violated2 said:

    hopefully as you get a little older and more mature, you’ll come to understand such things…

  7. Joe Jonas Don't TOUCH me said:

    They are funny to answer.
    Pro Stupid People

  8. Ron said:

    They like stupid answers.

  9. ♥ Meow ♥ said:

    because this is the “stupid question” place, where you can get all of the unnecessary info you need.

  10. Mizzenmast said:

    Because laughter is such a nice addition to anyones day..
    It’s a short burst of exercise, and really makes people wonder what you are up to, if it brings you to tears,then it helps to clean out your tear ducts, and it is also one of the best things to be considered contagious…

  11. deannaBEARR said:

    boredom kills.

    laughter thrills.

    solution=ask stupid questions

  12. Rev' Darren said:

    I suppose it is like being out for a walk on a nice day. I meet someone and say, ‘Hello. Nice day’. The other person nods and virtually repeats what I say. Now we both know it is a nice day. Why say it? Isn’t it stupid? But we do. That is the nature of people. So your questions aren’t really stupid. You are just passing the time of day with old friends. So have a nice day. You shall have a star – because it is a nice day.

  13. Valkyrie said:

    First, you’re going to have to get a mirror and take off your pants.

  14. Kevin, the adorable one said:

    maybe you should do the MC Hammer dance.

  15. Kiss my other♥ Cheeky said:

    Because we can….mwuahahahaha!!!

  16. Cherry Bomb™ feels a lil better said:

    the thing i don’t get is why idiots call out those stupid questions, when they are only for fun.

    nannywank prudes

  17. Lacking Creativity C.O.S. said:

    I’m not wearing any socks today and I don’t know why.

  18. Timinator . said:

    Because you’re a man-child with large areolas who likes to get spanked while drinking a beer.

    <--- man-child with large areolas who needs to buy beer after work and holding a paddle.

  19. steven m said:

    silly questions allow you and others to find kindred souls

    People like me who look at the universe through a warped mind
    to see things as they really are


    If you are in a silly mood — why not share so others can enjoy it too.

  20. Ƥouту тuвlєt™ said:

    My goal was to get back down to level five where it’s less lonely. I’m not a jerk who likes being at the top ….because the air is thinner up there and it makes me dizzy.

  21. STFU Donnie said:

    I’m here to learn.
    I’m not so bright, hence the stupid questions.

  22. Lulu said:

    i love to read the stupid answers to my stupid questions…

  23. Michael T said:

    I think we just want to explore human nature. I’ve asked questions that have no relevance to my own life. I just want to get peoples reactions and opinions to inform me.

  24. ☆Someone Else☆ said:

    its more entertaining than working.

  25. cloud 9 said:

    Sometimes it’s not the questions that are important but how people answer them. In and as for looking inside yourself,i think you just have a need to ask something and when you can’t think of something deep and meaningful this is what we get!!
    But, we love you just the same.

  26. Kev said:

    I try my best, but it’s pointless. The stupid questions just keep coming.

  27. ithinkiatetoomuch said:

    So I can get a point and go to level 5 finally? I’m currently at 4999 and after ‘submit’ I’ll level 5!

  28. 4 and 20 Blackbird said:

    We need answers. If I walked around the street asking people what they’d do if the Pope jumped out of his car and drop-kicked them, they’d report me to the authorities. But when I ask that question HERE, they….well, they report me to the authorities. The only difference being that the Yamster doesn’t piss-test me before I go.


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