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How do celebrities feel about people asking questions about them on here?

Do the celebrities read the stuff people ask about them on here? Or, are they too busy to even notice? Or, perhaps they know but don’t care? Or, maybe they care but they choose not to read the stuff as it upsets them?

What do you think?

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4 Responses to “How do celebrities feel about people asking questions about them on here?”

  1. Frida said:

    i have no idea
    im guessing they would either hate it or think its funny, depending on the questions
    but honestly i dont think they read stuff on here
    maybe some of them do, but i think in general they would be too busy for stuff like this

  2. Miss Kota said:

    The celebs I know don’t come on here, and don’t care what people are saying about them, lol! Miley Cyrus used to come on here (not to post, just reading) a bit, and she has said to me several times that she found the hate messages hilarious. Mainly because they’re TOTALLY untrue, have NO evidence to back them up, and total strangers think they actually know her.

  3. ThE LaST HoRcRuX said:

    i think they’re too busy to notice..and if they do notice, i don’t think they’d be too affected or be upset..compared to other sites, Y!A isn’t too abusive.. so i don’t think they’ll be greatly bothered, unless the celebrity in question is very soft..

  4. ♫WH Love you No matter What♫ said:

    I doubt it
    they have more to do then go look on Y/A


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