How can I be a star like Demi Lovato?

I am 12 and i sing and act. Can you give me some tips to be a star like Demi Lovato? What is the specific needs to participate in disney?

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4 Responses to “How can I be a star like Demi Lovato?”

  1. Miley Cyrus said:

    No! Team Miley!

  2. Musicgirl1 said:

    if you want to act then you have to adudition for the disney.. if you sing just do there thing try to record a song of yours and pass them out, promote to radio stations,ppl,etc…

  3. Y(♥ _♥ )Y said:

    how about she’s not a star
    everybody is and she and her family toook the oppertunity to
    fullfil a dream
    acting isn’t just being famous its inspiring and enjoying your work
    do some research

  4. j said:

    In order to participate in Disney you must make a resume with a face shot. And you need to audition, and if you are good enough you could be put on a t.v show.


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