Where can I get meet and greet passes to the Demi Lovato concert?

I’m planning to go to the Demi Lovato/David Archuleta concert in San Jose on July 11th, and I really want meet and greet passes/backstage passes. I’ve checked my local radio stations, but does anybody know where I can find these passes or what radio stations are giving out tickets?

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  1. edwardxbella<3 said:

    I am not from San Jose but I just bought my ticket this morning from the phone. Find the phone number the tickets are selling then you can get them there.

  2. 88 keys,10 fingers. said:

    Yayayay their coming to my town July 26th and I got the tickets this morning! Yayayayayayaya! Yayayayayyaya! YAAYYYY!!!! I love Demi’s music! But not david… but oh well yayayayaya!

  3. GonnaLetTheLightShineOnMe said:

    visit sites like :


    or such because they ALWAYS give out free tickets…for their contests!
    You can also check celeb magazines like (Twist, J-14…) cuz they have contests where they give out concert tix to the winners!
    Or go to like ticketmaster.com or those places where they sell tickets.
    Also, try going to the stadium/concert place that Demi will perform in your city, and buy it there. Hope that helped a little 🙂

  4. sonny with a chance {★} said:

    i’m also going to that concert!
    i also checked local radio stations but nothing… maybe they post contests for it later!

    can’t wait for the concert!


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