What is it about big construction projects that makes everyone act like a little kid?

They are blasting ledge right next to our building and each time we hear the warning horn blow the whole building stops what they are doing, and finds a good viewing spot. Then we all giggle and clap when it happens.
I know that I get a thrill out of it but IDK why. LOL

BQ: Do you get a kick out of watching big construction projects?

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8 Responses to “What is it about big construction projects that makes everyone act like a little kid?”

  1. Pixie said:

    It’s better than TV. No reruns, and lots of bloopers.

  2. •נoםes• said:


    it’s not *that* interesting but still … worth a look if it means you escape work for even a few seconds

  3. Wicked Wanda said:

    Everyone loves a good explosion.

    Nice avatar.

  4. Angela said:

    I think when guys are actually doing their projects, that’s when they act like little kids. Always wanting to bang with the hammer, rip an unnecessary wall out, or just make more noise than necessary! It’s ridiculous! I think it reminds them of being the destructive kid they once were!

  5. Beatle fanatic said:

    It’s fun watching big machines doing amazing things and even better with great sound effects!

  6. Ms Kitty: Huntress Extrordinaire said:

    I think part of it has to do with the blasting & destruction. For some reason, that gets people going. Ever watch one of those videos where they bring down a high-rise in the middle of town – so cool. And also the sheer size of some construction projects fascinate me – they are building a cloverleaf on the highway that I’m on about 3 times a week. Watching how they put that together is neat.

  7. Green_Tara said:


    They can’t trust in their own projects, they seek attention in others to “enlarge” the importance of their own acts. (not matter how ridiculous or immature is it)

  8. Just Say Rawr Mistress said:

    nope, i get a kick out of doing them……. contractor 15 yrs luv


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