Real men wear pink and purple?

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24 Responses to “Real men wear pink and purple?”

  1. green guy said:

    real gay men

  2. CrAzYcHiCk101 said:

    deffo, it shows they’re nt afraid to stand out

  3. John Fisher said:

    >Purple tights…Superman!!!

  4. ♥skittlez♥ said:

    brave men

  5. ✓ Richy ✓ said:

    i wear purple like everyday

  6. The Blunt Ugly Truth said:

    True. I own 2 pink polo shirts, and wear them sometimes.

  7. ღFox♥ said:

    Real Men, wear ballerina dresses and tights with a tiara to match

  8. Level 5 NINJA!™ said:

    Sure, if you want! I really don’t care what color men wear. I hope they don’t mind what colors I wear, either!

  9. Cūpcάкә ♥ K said:

    Only mens with a high self-esteem


  10. Enigma said:

    I don’t wear either of those colors.

  11. xshmooshu ♡ said:

    Purple is okay, pink is just too much.

  12. shalveen sharma said:

    Only the ribbons

  13. Rachel said:

    Pink looks awesome on a certain guys,
    i’m not gonna even lie!
    however, they have to look straight.
    Hollister Pink Polos r adorable
    on men
    Personal opinion

  14. Lindsey said:

    i agree with green man. it’s just the opposite… i don’t normally like it when men wear pink or purple… even i don’t like pink…

  15. techtwosue said:

    If they are sure of their masculinity they can wear any color they want.

  16. Emily said:

    Yep… not Justin Bieber of course.
    Some guys really can!

  17. Gabe Kay said:

    Real men wear whatever the hell they want

  18. Lolo is Gay and Okay said:

    real men have penises

  19. It's Whatever said:

    Sure. You keep telling yourself that.

  20. I said good day said:

    around their weiner they do

  21. Relec said:

    Not really. Real men wear whatever clothes they want, and not what other people/society say they should.

  22. Bri said:

    a real man isn’t defined by what he wears, but by his actions

  23. Arielle said:

    More like preppy boys wear pink and purple.

  24. bet said:

    I think so.


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