Do you agree that many American drug laws are just idiotic?

Alcohol, one of the most harmful recreational drugs known, is completely legal, while marijuana is illegal? Unlike alcohol, you can’t overdose on marijuana. If you do the research on this, you will see just how stupid this policy is. I also think other completely harmless drugs, like LSD and other hallucinogens, should also be legalized.

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7 Responses to “Do you agree that many American drug laws are just idiotic?”

  1. Jason Starship said:

    Yes they are

  2. Nathan said:

    yeah the laws are idiotic, but I wouldn’t say legalize lsd…marijuana yes

  3. the cool guy said:

    i agree. some of the laws are stupid

  4. Beatrix said:

    I agree america is idiotic the thing is though if we alcohol illegal the moonshine Business will be popping. We be heading all ze to alabama from them m0on shinesz.

    But anyway I believe america should of just left alcohol illegal like it was 100 years ago and kept the marijuana legal and keep lsd legal too.

    Sucks we can’t time travel, but someday if we ever get a “smart president” this will all be done.

    To Jacoshua V marijuana isn’t addicting.

  5. Texas Wildman said:

    they keep them that way so, they can make money.

  6. jacoshua said:

    the problem is if they are legalized, then all stupid high school students will use them. and don’t say they would get them illegally, it can be very difficult to get them you just can’t walk out on the street, shout “BUYING POT!” and expect dealers all around to flock to you. and when they start using it, they’ll get addicted. they will spend all of their money to but the drugs, and when there is no money left, they’ll do anything to get more. steal, sell all their stuff, and other things that would not be appropriate to mention on this website. eventually they’ll go into rehab or they’ll just sit on the streets, squandering away their unemployment checks on their precious drugs. holding back society, being completely worthless.

  7. Haяd woяking guy said:

    People that think American drug laws are idiotic are the real idiots.

    They should realize that ALL laws are a joke.


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