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Which wrist do you wear your watch and braces on?

If you wear any.

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14 Responses to “Which wrist do you wear your watch and braces on?”

  1. Tuggy said:

    The one in the Center

  2. LyssQ said:


  3. mεl lσvεs chαnεl said:

    either one. doesnt matter

  4. ·!¦[· Hello, I'm Crazy ·]¦!· said:

    I have a bracelet that I’ve been wearing on my right wrist since my birthday in February.
    I do not plan on taking it off.

  5. Steve said:

    If I would I’d use my right.

  6. Daisy said:


  7. Lil' author said:

    I write a lot and it hurts if it rub against me.

  8. Deb R said:


  9. Oh, just EVOLVE! said:

    <----Both... My Nixon Watch on the left and bracelets/olive wood rosary on the right.

  10. ❀Ms.LaLa❀ said:

    I don’t wear watches, I don’t own a watch..But I wear bracelets on my right hand mainly.

  11. ☆Fan of BabyGirl(Aaliyah)☆ said:

    I always wear my watch on my right wrist, every time I put it on.
    I wear bracelets on both wrist, one day I’ll wear bracelets on my right and one day my left or one day I’ll bracelets on both wrist.

  12. JammToReggae said:

    I don’t ususally wear a watch, but jewelry on the left!

  13. Lauren the Football Princess said:

    I don`t actually wear anything, but if I did, I`d wear it on my right wrist.

  14. Perth Princess said:

    No braces…!!!


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