What do they refer to that’s black and yellow?

In the song by Khalfia or whatever?What’s black and yellow?Like a gang or football team or what??

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6 Responses to “What do they refer to that’s black and yellow?”

  1. The Y2J (Thank You Shawn) Brian BLADE said:

    The city of Pittsburgh.
    Black and yellow is all the sports team so pittsburg is basicly black and yellow.

  2. alejandro10099 said:

    All I can think of is bees.

  3. Doodle said:

    his car.

  4. jolene said:

    Steeeleeerr natiooon baaabbbiieesss!

  5. brittany‚ó¶ said:

    No. It’s his car. Lol.

  6. Halie Jo said:

    The Stealers!!!!!!!!!! Duhhh!!!!!! <3 That's what that song is about!!


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