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What celebrity would you like to see interviewed by our team of shaming experts?

My team is making interviews with celebrity people.
Who would you like to see embarrassed in front of the camera?

Be creative.

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7 Responses to “What celebrity would you like to see interviewed by our team of shaming experts?”

  1. James Ford said:

    Lindsay Lohan, although she does a great job of that on her own.

  2. ZackZepp said:

    Lady Gaga.

  3. katier said:

    justin boob er guy get that gay guy to tell people he is gay comment me when you do

  4. Fa(ne)t Bark said:


  5. WeCan MakeThe SunShine ♥Bieber♥ said:

    Lindsay Lohan that will be funny, or Paris Hilton but i don’t think we should drop anymore on her. i think she’s had enough from the public, and deserves a break. Lindsay Lohan, even though I feel kinda bad saying her too. Nobody stop trying to make fun of celebs. WAIT OMG TAYLOR SWIFT TAYLOR SWIFT TAYLOR SWIFT FORGET EVERYBODY ELSE GET TAYLOR SWIFT AHH OMG I HATEE HER TO DEATH, SHE HATESS JEWS AND IT’S TIME FOR PEOPLE TO SEE HOW RETARDED SHE REALLY IS!!! Or Selena Gomez either one. They are both fake.

  6. What's Up, Doc? said:

    Paris hilton
    THats hot.

  7. For ever in my Heart said:

    Thats terrible. has it come to this. Can’t your team come up with something positive to show the world rather than cut people up or put them down and make them feel bad. Just because some people are this way doesn’t mean you have to jump on the band wagon. think of something thoughtful or positive.


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