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What celebrities are the easiest to get to follow you on twitter?

Id really like more celebrities to follow me. I have Jessica Jarrell, The Stunners, and Greyson Chance.

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7 Responses to “What celebrities are the easiest to get to follow you on twitter?”

  1. ahen1024 said :

    Katt Williams the comedian

  2. Kaylee Kendall Grace said :

    Corbin Bleu follows anyone that follows him. So does the band Rooney..but idk if you’ve heard of them..
    Justin Bieber follows alot of his fans, but he doesn’t necessarly follow you. You should write to him and he’ll follow. Sean Kingston seems to follow anyone that Justin is following.

    Push Play follows people as well. So does Carlos, James, Kendall, & Logan from Big Time Rush.

  3. Ms.Kerri said :


  4. Don said :

    I know he’s not really a “celebrity,” but “It” from “I Love New York” followed me without me following him first. I think it was because I was following “Becky Buckwild” from “Flavor of Love.”

  5. snugly195 said :

    Any disney & Nickelodeon stars will.

  6. Katya Kat said :

    I think your either a very scary stalker or just craving attention. You seriously need to get your own life!

  7. Amonavis! said :

    it doesn’t really matter
    because they follow so many other people
    it burly makes a diffrence

    Grayson chance
    ellen degeneres
    are the only one i like

    others are
    the bever kid
    sean kingston
    keke palmer
    billy bush (who ever that is)
    chantelle paige
    Corbin blue
    the dudes from BTR


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