What Black celebrity do you consider a positive role model?

It can be anyone–a musician, an actor/actress, a writer, a filmmaker. What Black celebrity do you think has a highly positive image?

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20 Responses to “What Black celebrity do you consider a positive role model?”

  1. woot 3 account said:

    awww the porn stairs

  2. Next said:

    Me, all my black brothers and sisters will agree with you, LOVE to my black brothers and sister

  3. peacelovecandy said:

    Will Smith

  4. quinni said:

    Michelle Obama.

  5. Michael O'Key said:

    Probably Oprah. Typical, I know, but the facts are clear. She is a strong, highly successful women who rose up from the depths of poverty to become one of the world’s most powerful women. She worked her ways through the ranks, never gave up, and still encourages and empowers all people to do their best and put their best foot forward, and that is why I feel Oprah is a very positive role model.

  6. Maureen S said:

    Denzyl Washington and Oprah.

  7. Thius said:

    I can’t think of a single celebrity of any race that is a good role model.After all we only see what they want us to see in most instances.

  8. Kimmy said:

    Naomi campbell.

    Because she is not fat like Tyra Banks, and has a charming boyfriend, and is highly pretty and I love her skin tone!

    Oh yea and Denzel because he is a rare black man that once he got rich he stayed with the black women who was always there.

  9. GETitGIRL ------------ said:

    Oprah. Close second would be Alicia Keys.

  10. hope for change said:


  11. Sir Ryan Paul Saxon said:

    Donkey Kong. He’s a nice fella!

  12. Cordi said:

    Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Oprah, and Queen Latifah (even though she has a stupid name).

  13. purple daisies! fear my roar. said:

    Tyler Perry, Oprah.

    I can’t really think of too many. When I think of “Black Celebs” I just think of butt-shaking whxres or those disgusting rap artists.

    It’s sad, really, but you can’t find good role models in Hollywood anyway.

  14. L0v3 ♥ said:

    Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks.

  15. UGGs said:


  16. ♥African Princess♥ said:

    Can I make a list? lol




    Lupe Fiasco

    Michelle Obama

    Barack Obama

    Gabrielle Union

    Tia and Tamera Mowry

    Raven Symone

    Tyler Perry

    Mary J.Blige

    Alicia Keys


    Queen Latifah

    Tyra Banks

  17. PaoloPH said:

    He’s not a celebrity, but one heck of a role model.

    Dr. Ben Carson
    Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery
    Johns Hopkins University

    I’ll see him next week.

  18. Rocco - BreakDown said:


  19. Nouveau Griot said:

    Michael Eric Dyson, and Michelle Norris, and many others. (I get all giddy, seeing African American “Public Intellectuals” on t.v.)

  20. Curious Dreamboat said:

    Oprah Gail Winfrey :]


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