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What are some bands like Decyfer Down and RED?

I like their music, but I realize that they are Christian bands. So I’m fine with any suggestions as long as they their music isn’t about God, because that’s just weird.

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3 Responses to “What are some bands like Decyfer Down and RED?”

  1. ÐakotaAaaAaA said:

    Day Of Fire
    This Beautiful Republic
    Seventh Day Slumber
    Everyday Sunday
    Krystal Meyers
    Falling Up
    Capital Lights
    Hyper Static Union
    Run Kid Run
    Kids In The Way
    House Of Heroes
    The Letter Black
    Chelsea Grin
    Demon Hunter
    Remedy Drive
    Press Play

  2. soccer girl said:
  3. Cody said:

    try some Anberlin. They talk vaguely about God on occasion, and it’s ambiguous enough that it’s just left to interpretation.
    If you’re into heavier rock like Decyfer Down and RED, then you should DEFINITELY give Thrice a listen to. They have a lot of heavy rock just like those bands. Check em out:

    Also look up some All That Remains. They’re more metal, but they have a fairly balanced amount of screaming/growling and singing.

    Also check out some Skillet. They’ve actually toured with both of those bands, and are very similar in sound and style. They too are Christian, but are also vague about it.

    Disciple is another one. Again Christian, but they have a lot of albums out with plenty of songs that aren’t about God.

    enjoy ­čÖé


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