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leno?time and channel?

can someone tell me when “leno” comes on and what channel EXACTLY

i never watched it before, but i heard that its good….
can you tell me a bit more info bout it?

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5 Responses to “leno?time and channel?”

  1. girlnextdoor said:
  2. Jeff R said:

    NBC 30 in CT. 1135 P.M.

  3. leslie said:

    Leno sucks.

  4. music kid said:

    It depends where you live it comes at 10:53/11:35 PM
    On NBC normally after your local news show

    Every Monday he does a funny segment where he shows funny headlines from newspapers and stuff, its very funny

  5. miamiwings said:

    NBC Monday thru Friday at 11:35 PM

    First he does a monologue, then he has a guest, then another guest, and the last thing is a musical group. On Monday night he does something called Headlines, Where the headline bloopers are shown. Sometimes he does Jay walking. It is a segment where he asks people on the street questions that they should know the answer to; however, most of the people act like idiots and know nothing about current events,.


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