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Is watching TV feminine, and playing video games masculine?

I love my modest culottes! 🙂

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7 Responses to “Is watching TV feminine, and playing video games masculine?”

  1. ivy breedlove said:

    I think watching TV is a more masculine activity than it is a feminine activity.

  2. Alex said:

    Well, not if you’re watching ‘Deadliest Warrior’ and playing ‘Flower’.

  3. Stephen Returns said:

    Hunting kangaroos for ya tucker is masculine. Cooking up the roo is feminine.

  4. Winter said:

    I find there are more girls where I live playing video games than guys and more guys watching TV then girls. All in all, though, both are neutral-gender activities.

  5. Pooh Bear said:

    Pooh Bear thinks they’re both for nerds… unless you’re watching Dora or something..

  6. I'm Just Me said:

    Doesn’t it depend on what you’re watching?

    Soap Opera: Feminine
    Top Gear: Masculine

    Everyone plays video games so I don’t think it matters

  7. Harrison Center said:

    I think so


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