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How to prepare for a Demi Lovato concert?

I’m going to a Demi Lovato concert on August 20th, and I’ve never been to one of her concerts (it’s for her concert for her CD Here We Go Again) and I don’t know if your allowed to bring posters or should I bring money or what? Please help me if you’ve been to her concert this year or know a friend who has and can tell you! Thanks!

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8 Responses to “How to prepare for a Demi Lovato concert?”

  1. Treena said:

    bring a loud speaker so you can shout “WHAT A FAKE!!!”

  2. Jonny Dangerously said:

    blindfold and ear plugs

  3. CoCoNut) said:

    demi lovato sucks, like miley cyrus;0)))))))), for little kids;))
    try to lisen Mariah Carey or Usher:P^^

  4. Sound of Settling said:

    Don’t go.

  5. Lulu said:

    Tell me if she falls over… AGAIN XD My goodness, how many times has she fallen over?! Bring some hairspray and spray that on the stage so she doesn’t haha!

  6. imk00l_x said:

    ignore the haters.
    if your a fan then maybe take something you can hold up saying something nice, or if you take money you can buy some demi lovato stuff including t shirts and just things like that 🙂 have fun!!
    dont forget to learn the words! xx

  7. glambert said:

    You can buy this special paper that you can iron onto t-shirts. Buy a plain white or black t-shirt and then print out a really good picture of her on that special paper (sorry I don’t remember what it is called) and iron it on the t-shirt. That is what I was going to do for the American Idol tour concert in Sacramento except with a picture of Adam Lambert until I found out that I couldn’t go.

  8. Brittney Cavallari said:

    Shoot yourself?


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