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How much would it cost to get Justin Bieber to come for a private appearance?

How much would it cost to get somebody like Justin Bieber to come for a private appearance, at a birthday party or something? Thanks(:

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3 Responses to “How much would it cost to get Justin Bieber to come for a private appearance?”

  1. Rowena said :

    ALOT OF MONEY!!! seeing how popular he is/becoming it will take a load of money for a **private** appearence just for you

  2. Stephanie said :

    probably lots and lots of money. he rocks though!!!!! he is soo freakin hella hot. i think im melting.(jk!!) but yeah, it probably costs a hell lot of money. how would u even contact him? btw, what’s ur fave song by him? mine is ……. i think one time or less lonely girl or something.

  3. ~♥Justin Bieber's #1 FAN ♥~ said :

    Lol It will probably cost anywhere from $10,000 to $17,000, how do i know?
    I had the group who doesnt really sing anymore B5 perform at my sweet 16 party and when my father found the number of their manager and he called to see if they were free that day its cost $14,000 because they were really popular but not fully blow up yet and than we had to pay some kind of cover charge adn than for their flights out here.
    It was worth it but its not cheap, my first choice was beyonce but she costs $86,000 PER HOUR!
    But B5 was worth it everyone went crazy and at the time I was in love with Patrick! but diddy dropped them because he squeezed all the money he could out of them, than kick them out the door, classic diddy! the same thing he did to danity kane all he does is sign groups than he milks as much money as he can form them than he drop them!

    But anyway you can go on his facebook and I think the number on there is his managers you can ask exactly how much it would cost but it will not be anywhere near cheap!
    Since Justin is on the rise and getting more popular by the day IT WILL COST YOUR ARMS AND LEGS AND MAYBE A KIDNEY!


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