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How do I let all the boys know that I am SINGLE and READY TO MINGLE?

Please do not give me real dating advice. That would make me look desperate and loserish.

Unless of course, you have some good advice. I might be open to a suggestion or two (or 5).

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15 Responses to “How do I let all the boys know that I am SINGLE and READY TO MINGLE?”

  1. livn4themin said:

    Low cut blouse with a tattoo “I’m yours” between your breasts.

  2. gumaholic said:

    Just flirt with ppl.

  3. Benny Lava's second account! said:

    Um… show up alone and mingle?

  4. »∂αяк šι∂ε σƒ тнε šüᴎ 丰 said:

    Get naked!

  5. gamejock829 said:

    Don’t say stuff like your question.

  6. kaciedeb said:

    Flirt with them.

  7. Lil dude from across the street said:

    Rip off your clothes in public and yell “Take me boys!”

  8. briannaaa drunkk agaaiinnn ;) said:

    dont mingle you might die

  9. driytchie said:

    Flirt with them.

  10. Dom(22's for U) said:

    low cut shirt & act really really drunk….there will be desperate guys all over you

  11. John said:

    You just did .. feel free to write.

  12. gunslinger said:

    Right here. I’m friends with a platypus.

  13. Clint C said:

    It’s all in the eyes.

    Smile at guys and blink your eyelids really fast. The dip your fingers in guacamole and lick them like you were performing fellatio on them. Finally, don’t wear a bra and wear tiny skirts with no underwear. Examine guys crotches. Roughly around 85-90% of them should be sporting erections. Keep in mind thats a rough estimate.

  14. dryBri aka Eatonwrite RETURNS! said:

    I would suggest you check out the next Star Wars or Star Trek convention in your area—-both have fan clubs and are always reliably including Texas in their circuit, due to the abundance of nerds found in the Lone Star State.

    You will find nerds there who are your age and who are desperately horny and eager to please. What they may lack in experience and worldliness they will make up for with their boundless enthusiasm.

    They are also a low risk for STD’s, but do take precautions against becoming pregnant, because the double-nerdy gene in both parents can lead to children who are hopelessly nerdy or painfully cool, without much middle ground—the children are always extreme in one direction or the other

  15. KK88- ich bin geil said:

    I would get a shirt made, not only is it really clear that way but it draws more attention to your cans (which is never a bad thing)


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