How do I join or start a band?

I am really interested in music and can play the piano and the guitar, as well as a bit of violin. I really want to join a band, because I think it would be so much fun to get to jam with other people who play instruments. Right now none of my friends play music at all. I’m 19 and out of high school, but will be going to college in the fall. Any suggestions on how to start a band, or join one?

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7 Responses to “How do I join or start a band?”

  1. John said:

    Find people who play an instrument is the first step. Post ads everywhere. That’s for starting a band. For joining a band, thats a little harder. Just keep your eye out for auditions.

    And I’m POSITIVE there will be musicians in high school.

  2. andrew B said:

    Well a great way to find fellow musicians is to put up fliers, like at a music store. Another way is to find out if your friends know how to play or know any one who can play music, you never know.

  3. YukiKira said:

    at the guitar center near me, a bunch of people come there and advertise for bands and shops and stuff…… fliers in music stores or something.

  4. Brandon said:

    Get some friends to play with you hats how i got into my band also myspace music, upload some good quality videos and bam! Your results may vary lol

  5. Blake said:

    Try looking for a local band that has been established within recent years. Ask them questions. Try seeing if you are good solo. Then if not, try recruiting and hold auditions. Don’t make it look like you are just someone who wants to play for fun (unless you do want to just have fun). If you want to START (not shouting) a band, look for people in your area that have about the same or more experience than you. If you want to JOIN (again not shouting) a band, audition for a part in you most powerful instrument. If piano is your strongest audition for a piano fill, not violin. Once you have established a band of some sort try making at least 5 original tracks so you can play live. Remember to start small and just because you have joined or started a band doesn’t mean you can’t join a different band or start a side project. Book at small clubs or outdoor conventions. If you’re into death metal or something i suggest looking for other people who enjoy metal also and host a party and play your music. I hope this helps. Stay sic.

  6. Grant said:

    cragslist is very helpful, it is great for finding a band or starting bands

  7. john said:

    i aggret


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