How do I contact a bollywood celebrity for a good social cause?

Our group is organizing a charity event for kids at our orphanage. I wanted to contact a bollywood celebrity for the event since I saw the kids are particularly interested in their fav actors/actresses. I’ve contacted a few people who I thought might help. But I would still like to know what’s the best way I can contact a bollywood celebrity.

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  1. kollydogg said:

    Hi. Firstly you should look up if they have a web page. If you fine this then check if there is a contact section with details about submitting a request to this celeb. You can also check to see who their management company would be. Try searching in yahoo for bolywood management companies. Often the celeb will have an agent and PA, this information can be found out by searching. Sorry I can’t be more specific. If you had their name I could have given you more information about how to contact them. Usually for charity events the celeb would waive their fee for b personal appearance. Hope this helps. Good luck.


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