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How can I become a successful Youtube star?

I want to do videos on Youtube, but im kind of nervous that it will be a big FLOP! I have very good topics to talk about but, how do I get ppl to watch them. I want my videos to be helpful and not just entertaining.

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6 Responses to “How can I become a successful Youtube star?”

  1. Ŧ Ich Bin Nicht Ich Ŧ said :

    You need to add random people as your friends and get subscribers!
    Good luck!

  2. Rach said :

    You need talent. something people wil like and show their friends.
    Something funnny. Someone no one else can do. the list goes on . .

  3. 100% Pure Chocolate said :

    i agree with the first answer because I was gonna say the same thing.

  4. SUPERSTAR<3 said :

    First of all just be yourself and talk about things that
    you would normally talk about. The most important
    thing is to be true to yourself, don’t change for anyone
    because if you do become famous it’ll be like living a
    lie because you talked about things other people are
    interested in instead of your own. And don’t go into
    this with high expectations, take things slow and
    expect the worst because if it doesn’t work out you
    won’t be as bummed, and if it does then great!

  5. sirknightbyron said :

    broadcast the news in some funny way –

  6. Katie O said :

    Just start off by making video responses to other peoples videos as well as videos on your own topics. That will help build up your subscriber base. Also participate in the community by commenting and subscribing to other peoples videos. Most people are really nice and you’ll find you’ll make a few friends along the way =] Good luck!


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