Beautiful celebrities with unattractive kids and Unattractive celebrities with beautiful kids?

Give me your best examples of beautiful celebrities (man and woman are very attractive) with unattractive children/child and Unattractive celebrities (man and woman are unattractive) with beautiful child/children. I wonder how often it happens for each. I ask for celebrities so I can look it up myself to see if I agree/disagree with you.

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5 Responses to “Beautiful celebrities with unattractive kids and Unattractive celebrities with beautiful kids?”

  1. kate said:

    I could only think of one
    Attractive celebs, ugly kids: Demi Moore and Bruce Willis

  2. slaarwalhz said:

    Tom Cruise and Katie with their cute baby. I think tom cruise is an uggo, and Katie is not that great. But Angie and Brad, they have cute kids. Even though they are not their own. Maddox is cute. … I do not know of any other ones I am very out of the loop. Yeah Bruce willis is hot but I don’t like demi any more she is dumb. I think the kids are O.K…. meh not really.

  3. jolie said:

    I personally don’t think Lindsay’s Lohan mom is beautiful(i can’remember her father’s name but i dont find him that attractive as well) but to me LiLo is gorgeous.unattractive parents/attractive kid

  4. cause stone cold said so said:

    steven tyler ugly-daughter liv tyler gorgeous
    goldie han ugly-daughter kate hudson gorgeous

  5. Asia Charlotte S said:

    i dunno i think demi moore and bruce willis are both attractive but can’t say the same for there kids but i think tom cruise’s and katie holmes are’nt ugly and they had a really beautiful baby who looks like both of them


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