who is your favorite actor and actress?

i just like making poll type questions like this so who is your favorite actor and favorite actress? mine are Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep

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5 Responses to “who is your favorite actor and actress?”

  1. Bella said:

    my fav is taylor lautner n dakota fanning

  2. Amy Hodge said:

    Johnny Depp, Clare Danes, Helena Bonham Carter, Dianna Agron, Colin Firth, Audrey Hepburn… I can’t pick one of each 🙂

  3. ME!! said:

    Tom Hanks
    Liv Tyler 🙂

  4. sexy princess lisa said:

    barbara mori

  5. Kazzie said:

    Actor: Johnny Depp
    Actress: Helena Bonham Carter
    Director: Tim Burton

    (They make such a great team)


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