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Whats with high school girls and rascal flatts?

anyone know?

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5 Responses to “Whats with high school girls and rascal flatts?”

  1. hotwheels122298 said:

    whats wrong with rascal flatts? ive liked them since i was in hs and im 21 now….

  2. Charvel said:

    ejnkifbsnkd, im not sure.

    i find that kind of gross, ha.

  3. Idolfanatic said:

    that’s news to me. wow. Rascal Flatts. Huh…

  4. Yea. said:

    well im in hs
    and ii love them
    cause they have realistic songs
    and theyre cute guyss 😉

  5. iluvbabies84 said:

    i don’t know..
    i only like 2 of their songs!
    and they are not cute at all…the lead singer actually looks and sounds gay:)
    he might open up about it in a few years just like Lance Bass of N’Sync did…LMFAO


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