What is the worst and best reality tv show out there?

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6 Responses to “What is the worst and best reality tv show out there?”

  1. **Rachel** said:

    Worst- Jersey Shore,Keeping up with the Kardashians,Real housewives of New Jersey
    Best-Big Brother

  2. Phoebe Keeping Low Profile said:

    Worst: Those Real Housewives and the Kadashains.
    No best reality show.

  3. said:

    Worst – Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives series
    Best – The Amazing Race and Survivor

  4. TV Nerd said:

    Best: True Life, America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway
    Worst: Everything else

  5. scream4fan31 said:

    worst: housewives, hills,city
    best: big brother(the best), jershey shore

  6. Jared said:

    WORST: those 100 kids and counting shows… STOP HAVING BABIES… darn…



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