my dad likes action and karate movies what are some good ones?

ones that have no nudity and sex
also recent

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9 Responses to “my dad likes action and karate movies what are some good ones?”

  1. ariesgirl2002 said:

    The Karate Kid 1 and 2. Action movies: Terminator 2: Judgment Day or Independence Day

  2. Nadia A said:

    jackie chan

  3. vadania_2002 said:

    It’s an older movie, but “Kickboxer” with Jean Claude Van Dam is one of my favorite martial arts movies.

    EDIT: The Die Hard movies are REALLY good (can’t go wrong with Bruce Willis). “Deja Vu” with Denzel Washington is also really good. Has your dad seen the Spider-man movies? What about the Fantastic Four movies or “Transformers”? All awesome.

  4. Caleb B said:

    That Jet Li movie called Fearless. I like that movie, good fighting.

  5. Tee♥♥♥ said:

    the rush hour movies????

  6. Angel C said:

    ~The Bourne Ultimatum (starring Matt Damon)

    ~War (starring Jet Li)

    ~the new mixed martial arts film “Never Back Down”.

  7. Glamorous Amaris said:

    Ong Bak
    Enter the Dragon
    Curse of the Golden Flower
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    House of Flying Daggers
    The Protector

  8. Tee-O said:

    There are a lot of great martial arts and action movies out there. My personal favorites (ones with great fight choreography) are The Legend of Drunken Master starring Jackie Chan and Fist of Legend starring Jet Li. If he likes old school stuff then Fearless Hyena 1 and The Young Master, both with Chan, are classics!

  9. dennisgonzalezdgm said:

    ones that have to do with jakie chan.


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