More titles like Cloverfield and War of the Worlds?

I absolutly loved the new war of the worlds and Cloverfield There my favorite type of movies does anyone have any suggestions on more movies like them to watch? (not a big fan of old movies) Thanks a lot!

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4 Responses to “More titles like Cloverfield and War of the Worlds?”

  1. Diane the Succubus (PFLAG) said:
  2. namita said:

    M.I -1,2,3(mission impossible)

  3. dowork24s said:

    lol… Monster (2008)

    In 2005, it was reported that Tokyo, Japan had been devastated by a massive earthquake. It was reported that thousands were dead, In 2007, a camera belonging to two missing American filmmakers was found. The footage would reveal that it was not a n earthquake. It was something else.

  4. Tom said:

    The host.


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