In what episode does Inuyasha start to have feelings for Kagome?

Well, I’ve watched all the episodes and read the manga. So I wanna go back to the beginning sorta. I just wanna start with the episode when Inuyasha starts to have feelings for Kagome. So yeah. I think they are the cutest couple ever! Anyway thanks for the help!

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3 Responses to “In what episode does Inuyasha start to have feelings for Kagome?”

  1. Yurina said:

    I think really early on, like 5 or something, ‘cuz there’s the one where he saves her from the evil mask thing… I think that’s when. Don’t know what ep that is… >.>

  2. Kagome said:

    He starts having feelings for her at Episode 13 – The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired .
    That’s the episode when they are being attacked by the demon spiders and Inuyasha tries to save everyone and is about to die, and Kagome tries to save him while she’s crying.
    Then later Inuyasha asks if he can lay on her lap, she says yes.
    That’s all.

  3. Caitlin said:

    Im prettty sure its that episode when inuyasha chops sesshomarus arm off because kagome was yelling at him and he turns around and yells back that she should shut up and let him “protect” her and thats when the tetsuiga or whatever transforms and just in case you dont remember the tetsuiga only transforms when hes trying to protect someone he cares about. and i think “protecting” someone back then in the show was a sign of affection. because another episode after that he was like only i “protect” kagome! and he was all defensive and stuff.


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