How long could you be comfortable walking on the street without any shoes on?

Say you are on out somewhere and your shoes break to the point that it’s impossible to wear them. How long could you be comfortable walking barefoot? Would it bother you or not so much?

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16 Responses to “How long could you be comfortable walking on the street without any shoes on?”

  1. Cherreh Ѿ Chuu™ said:

    1 second

  2. ƒαℓℓєη συт σƒ ℓσνє said:

    I like walking around bare foot. I some times go to the shops with nothing on my feet 🙂

  3. modraniht said:

    I’d be uncomfortable from the get go. But, I’d do whatever I had to do.

  4. Leaahh said:

    I’m okay for about 30 minutes, but then they’d start to hurt from the concrete. I hate walking barefoot, except on the beach.

  5. cynthia said:

    it all depends on the weather conditions

  6. Skye Kumero said:

    It wouldn’t bother me if sean had his shoes off, too.

  7. I♥IZandDBZ said:

    I love walking around barefoot, so I would last the whole day. I would maybe even got out of my way to go to the place I needed to go the longer way just so I could walk around barefoot.

  8. giggledude said:

    I should be all right as long as necessary if it weren’t too cold. I don’t do too badly on concrete without shoes.

  9. Lawrence Kenyon said:

    I can go for a lifetime without shoes.

  10. KW said:

    I go out barefoot all the time. The only place I wear shoes is work. So, it would not be a problem for me!

  11. Hatchet said:

    I walk on average 2 miles barefoot every day to and from school, and the sidewalks outside of campus are absolutely terrible.

    Going barefoot is easy, fun, free, and feels good. It also made my ankle pain go away and I haven’t been sick once since I started.

    And yes, I even do it all winter, through snow and everything.

  12. Ryan S said:

    Assuming it’s not 20 below, I would be comfortable walking barefoot all day.

    In the summer I probably wouldn’t even have shoes with me.

  13. suszcza said:

    I really don’t know. I do a lot of walking with my boys, and I’ve always had the boys go barefoot. I wear sandals myself, though, cause as much as I’ve always loved seeing boys going barefoot everywhere, and loved the tough, leathery soles that real, old fashioned barefoot boys get, I’ve always thought that soles like that should be for boys only, and not for girls. A girl should keep her soles soft and nice, and that’s the way I want to keep mine, so even though I love going barefoot on a beach, or on nice grass, and I’m always barefoot at home, I want my sandals for the street, thank you.
    I’m sure if I did go barefoot I’d enjoy it for a while and keep up with my boys for a while at least, and maybe even all day, but I’m also sure my soles would be sore the next day and start to really toughen after that, and that’s why I tell my boys that bare feet are not for mom. I like my soles soft and tender like a girl’s should be, and I really don’t want them to toughen like a tomboy’s.

  14. Brit Johnson said:

    forever I love walking around barefoot I walk barefoot all the time I only wear shoes if I have to

  15. Ruther Glen said:

    Well, I would not have had the shoes on to break in the first place. So, to answer the question, I would be comfortable walking the streets 24/7 in bare feet regardless of the ambient temperature. It would bother me to have had shoes on to begin with.

  16. Paul Carlyle said:

    I never wear any kind of footwear, so I could be comfortable all the time being barefoot.


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