How can I learn to make my singing sound better?

I play guitar pretty well and would love to complement it with singing, but I don’t think my voice sounds that well. How do you learn to sing better. I can’t afford vocal lessons.

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10 Responses to “How can I learn to make my singing sound better?”

  1. angelfaithrox said:

    There are lessons on youtube with real singing lessons. It’s the next best thing i suppose, and just keep practicing.

  2. Bob B said:

    I would look up some software where you can practice singing and they always say, practice makes perfect. Try some karoake.

  3. Caitlin S said:
  4. Nashi said:

    Try to search for online tips and then practice.. record your self and hear it back.. this helps u to identify the areas for improvement…

  5. Tommy said:

    Sing along with a song you know really well, only way to get better is practice! And try different types of music. Something that’s challenging and then go back and see your progress with the first song you started out with.Your voice and ears will work together eventually to get the right note.

    Good luck!

  6. John W said:

    The secret is to breathe deeply and use plenty of breath support. Most people who sing “bad” do so because they don’t breathe deeply enough when they sing. Other than that, the other thing is to listen to someone else sing the song like on a CD and memorise how they sing it. Then adjust the way they sing it to your own singing style and voice. It also helps if you stick to songs that are in your vocal range. If you have a hard time hitting high notes, for example, stick to low songs.

  7. Starkie said:

    You can’t really learn to sing better, but things that effect your voice can make a huge impact. Something that helps my voice is making sure your throat is open and don’t drink much soda. I was told something in it can effect your voice but I would double check on that. And I know that drinking milk before you sing also effects your voice too.

  8. Alex C said:

    what i did was go on american idol and i made it to the top 24 but what you should do is rest your voice and trie to change your voice like if you sing to loud you should trie to make it more quieter and you could have a better voice.p.s. im kellie pickler

  9. musicalmaddi said:

    I have been singing for 10 years and i must say vocal cds have always helped me. When singing listen to your voice and see how deeply you are breathing and try doing it deeper, plus start exercising your voice before singing because it will help you not to ruin your voice. i would also suggest recording your voice to see if you are off pitch or flat. you can get voice cds for really cheap on ebay so i hope this helps!

  10. Zoe Tanabe said:

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  11. said:

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