Where can I find celebrity addresses in Atlanta?

Atlanta based non profit organization that is having a childrens festival for children with cancer. And we are searching for celebrity addresses to book them for special apperences at the children’s fashionshow. If there is any way of contacting them via e-mail please respond as soon as possible.

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3 Responses to “Where can I find celebrity addresses in Atlanta?”

  1. Karen b said:

    I know you just want atlanta celebrities, but thi site list from
    a to z as celebrities go addresses as will as e-mails for them. took a quick glance a had one listed in macon. so best of uck with the fund raiser.

  2. rajesh k said:

    There are many resources available online now, which can be used to find names, address and verify information.Follow a link , It will certainly help U .Thanx.


  3. Los R said:

    Try http://www.searchpersons.info ,maybe it can help you after you enter the person’s name, this site has the largest email search database, it can help you find what you want, just have a try, my friend said it indeed works:),hope the same to you !
    Good luck!:)


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