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What’s the smartest way to release an album independently these days?

My band’s working on a whole bunch of songs…and we are wondering what route we should take when all the recording/mixing/and mastering is done. Should we go through discmakers and press copies of cds or go entirely digital? We aren’t sure how we should go about getting this material out there and making money instead of losing money.

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3 Responses to “What’s the smartest way to release an album independently these days?”

  1. American Guitarist said :

    If you have a website, you might want to include the option for people to actually purchase an actual CD as oppose to just the MP3’s, since a lot of people still prefer a hard copy.

    Along with doing that, selling it through iTunes is certainly a good idea.

  2. Aaron said :

    i agree that you should have both mp3 and CD, and you also want to make sure you have hard copies to sell at your shows or rock clubs, it doesnt hurt to throw a few free ones out, sometimes the best way to get heard is word of mouth and the more people with the music the more people will hear it, you dont necessarily need pressed copies you could just burn and design your own, its cheaper and people understand that you are not a very big time band and your are trying to make it, believe me true fans wont care if your lyrics are written on a cardboard box, they will still want it.

  3. eric said :

    Hi Scriz.
    I do all my own songs at home. Write, Produce and play every song I do, Then burn them myself.
    Then sell around the traps myself. I make a tidy profit and it costs me nothing apart from blank cd’s and a bit of time. Can’t beat that, can ya. Eric.


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