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What’s a question your tired of seeing being asked over and over again?

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34 Responses to “What’s a question your tired of seeing being asked over and over again?”

  1. Rosie Cheeks said:

    How are you?

  2. Salvatore Andolini said:

    am i pretty

  3. Öħ ξм gεε got suspended [re-add] said:

    Am i pretty?

    How old are you?

    What’s your favorite color?

  4. The Hungry Cannibal said:

    Does he/she like me?

  5. Mr. Alex said:

    “Am I Smexy???”

  6. My Nightmare of you said:

    Whats your favorite song? Because there is SO many to choose from its impossible for me!

  7. Wisen Smart said:

    Should I divorce or not?

  8. Mrs. Shana said:

    rate my pic….dammit!!!!

  9. bpmj said:

    am i pretty………

    does he/she like me

  10. Lwt. Rower said:

    “did you jump the fence of the border to come here?” -to a Mexican citizen in Canada :/

  11. Got Schooled said:

    “what’s going to happen In 2012”

  12. 1thousand is super fantastic said:

    I don’t know what they say…but they all look like “Blah blah blah?” to me. So…when someone asks a really dry and boring’s like it’s the same thing being asked over and over and over…

  13. Max said:

    What happened right there? (I have a birthmark on my right cheek.)

  14. kazuhiko said:

    Am i pretty?
    Team edward or team jacob?
    Answer this please please!!!
    Does he like me?

  15. Edgar from Socal said:

    Does he like me?


  16. Don't talk back to your mama said:

    Am I pregnant with retarded child

  17. Nick said:

    why are you there?

  18. Nadine L said:

    People don’t actually speak it but they use body movements. Like when people point at their wrist for the time . That gets me pretty annoyed. I have my watch, pal, where’s yours? It’s not like i point at my butt when i want to know where the toilet is!

  19. The Christopher said:

    What superpower would you want to have?

  20. newfish82 said:

    Help! Am I pregnant?

    Wrap it up people.

  21. Taxy D said:

    For some reason I never get tired of the Pepsi vs. Coke question:)

  22. ♪♫☼ Miss Julie Anne ☼♫♪ said:


  23. Casey Jane said:

    What time is it where you are?


  24. Bandit said:

    Why do Liberals hate the country ?

  25. The Cookie Isle said:

    Am I pretty? MY ANSWER: Yes are you soooo self contious?? everyone is pretty in their OWN way.


    Does he or she like me? IDK!!??

    Like OMG, am I preggo??? (pregnant) I don’t know stupid why don’t you go to the hospital and figure OUT??

    Who’s hotter? Me or her? I’m not answering that OK?

    Gosh all these questions are annoying. SOOOO BORING. And stupid. yup.
    It’s like seriously, shush.


  26. Jessica said:

    “are u ok?” wen ur obviosly NOT!
    “you must b 17 or somthing” im 13 but tall this question doent bother me that much i just wanted to put it in
    “have u done u room/homework?”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! so anoying!

  27. kiy said:

    do you ever sometimes look at porn, then touch yourself, then know it’s wrong and go make yourself a bowl of cereal, then go outside to play with the new liter of puppies your dog just spat from her poo-hole…??>

  28. nas88car 300 #14 nice #5 is #1 said:

    where can i watch so and so free on line .. they are rampant in the sports categories

  29. Kat said:

    Am I pretty?

  30. Metal up your @ss said:

    what do you think about obama winning the nobel peace prize

  31. Keelsey said:

    Does he/she like me? And am I pretty? Yes! Pretty shallow! Mindless stupid questions clog yahoo sometimes….

  32. Miki the Manatee♥ said:

    “If you crack your knuckles, will it make you have arthritis?”

  33. krk said:

    An interesting topic to research.

  34. FASHION CHIC & FREAK said:

    Am i pretty?Rate!(pics!!)?
    Poll: Coke OR Fanta??
    Does he like me???????
    HELP!!! Am i pregnet? (plz help)?
    Best answer 10 pts!!!Please help!!!!?


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