What is your opinion of the over sensitivity of society these days?

My opinion: Men need to toughen up and stop acting like girls. Woman should support their man and vice verse.

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5 Responses to “What is your opinion of the over sensitivity of society these days?”

  1. GoldBond said:

    everyone is over sensitive. we should have a stop feeling day.

  2. aaran said:

    well women keep comlpaining they want guys to be more sensitive and now you complain you dont want them sensitive?

  3. Sheriff of Yahoo! said:

    It seems like were expected to be over sensitive these days….it’s really out of control.

  4. KAREN said:

    Yeah, because a girl is the worst thing to act like. Yeah, right. How many “girls” (I bet you mean “women”) start wars, rape people etc. compared to testosterone-fuelled men? Don’t listen to the crappy media trying to divide the sexes all the time (divide and conquer tactics), be who you are and stop insulting those different from you. When it comes to sensitivity, you have the subtlety of the atom bomb on Nagasaki. I don’t need to support my man, he can stand up for himself and vice versa.

  5. Bradley P said:

    It’s not just men that need to toughen up. Adults more generally need to grow a pair and actually _grow up_. Seriously. It used to be that “being the adult in the room” meant something–it meant that you had a mature enough attitude that you could stay calm, clear-headed and rational for at least a few minutes under pressure. It meant you could admit to things even when they looked bad for you–that you could accept responsibility and admit you were wrong once in a while.

    It also meant that you had your own opinions, made at least some of your own decisions, and learned a few moral lessons from your experiences at _some point_, oh noes. -_- What ever happened to having a spine and saying “no” to bullies and peer pressure?

    Honestly though….at this point that’s not even the biggest part of the problem. It’s not just that people aren’t growing up and/or getting a spine.

    A lot of this excessive self-centeredness and touchiness is coming from being seriously unbalanced in life, as social beings with social needs.

    Simply put, we’re too used to getting total instant gratification through our Media and Internet–we’re used to a virtual experience that utterly babies and coddles us for the trouble of the ads and censorship we tolerate….

    and then we turn around and have to _settle for_ near-total frustration of our same wants and needs in real life from real people who are actually _with us_.

    That combination will ruin anyone. The virtual side of it leaves us spoiled and with seriously unreal expectations….while the mounting frustrations and insecurities from the real-life side are _going_ to give people a complex. People _will_ get obsessed if they want something in life, are teased with it relentlessly, but the answer is always “no”.

    Spoiled can be fixed, unreal expectations can be corrected, if someone has one or two sympathetic real-life friends _with them_ to snap them out of it. Complexes from ingrown frustration are a complete pain to deal with though–especially if they’re coming from the _reality_ side of it.

    That’s what’s getting in the way, I think. Not just people being spoiled, but being spoiled and _deeply frustrated_ at the same time. And the frustration only gets fixed by actually giving a body something worthwhile (about reality, growing up or getting a pair) to say “Yes” to.

    But hey, what do I know, right?


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