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What is the best prank to pull on someone?

My brother has been really annoying and mean, and i want to get back at him.

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7 Responses to “What is the best prank to pull on someone?”

  1. A Human said :

    hi go to finger tips and they have crazy ideas

    they made a flower that squirsts water in to the persons face and everything

    awsome good luck

    pls make me best answer

  2. ♥ℓσνєѕнυмвσℓ∂т♥ said :

    Saran wrap!! On the toilet, the doorway, around his car on a hot sunny day, never fails. And always have an audience!

  3. Emily said :

    Well i saw this prank on pranked, and i wanted to do it to my friend and it was awesome!!!!

    What you need:
    a car being drove by parent (or yourself if old enough)
    A brother and he has to be asleep!!!

    So when you brother is asleep in the car and the car is moving… be really quiet and all of a sudden scream and yell really loud(so it looks like your going to crash)
    He will wake up wicked scared and a awesome prank will be pulled!!!!

  4. Creeper.The.Grim.Reaper said :

    Everybody likes money right?? Well this is what you do
    all you need is super glue and some quarters
    put super glue on the quarter and glue it to his floor lol

  5. Habitualballing said :

    Take a dump on his bed!… you could use dog poo, but I think its better if you use your own

  6. fortheimperium2003 said :

    Something not too bad, but really annoying. Pull the sheets off his bed, then pour corn flakes on his bed, not a whole box, just enough to crunch every time he moves, and re-make the bed.
    He wont get much sleep at night.
    Just remember you could start a war, plus get in trouble for instigating it.
    My dad did this to his room mate in the hospital. They were both scheduled for heart surgery. My dad figured if they die, they will die laughing. When his room mate was released from the hospital, my dad called him up and faked the doctors voice, saying there was a terrible mistake, and he had to get back to the hospital right away. The guy knew something was amiss because my dad called him at about 3 in the morning. My dad started laughing, and the guy hung up swearing at him.

    Something else a little more ‘extreme’. go to the store and buy a can of sardines. Take one sardine (trust me, one is all that is needed), and tape it under his bed, or pull a drawer out of his dresser, and tape it to the bottom.
    In a few days you will smell the result. He will get in trouble for being a dirty pig, and no matter how much he cleans his room, it just aint gonna work. Eventually you will have to tell him, then RUN, really fast…
    Stuff like that would probably get you sued today…

  7. ed said :

    itching Boeder in his shorts


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