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what is the advantage and disadvantage of anime?

guyz and galz, please help me. I’m conduction a research project and i need to know what are their advantages and disadvantages of anime. could you please give me some answers please. thanks

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6 Responses to “what is the advantage and disadvantage of anime?”

  1. 7 M 3 said:

    I think it makes some people weird looking.
    like, you can tell they watch anime without speaking to them.

  2. MadaManga said:

    In what context?
    media, i.e. it use as a medium to portray a story
    social, i.e. it’s effects on society
    economical/business, i.e. profits, problems with piracy etc

  3. Darlene Caryl R said:

    anime is a wide variety of past time.
    you can choose between many types of stories.
    this of course is not bad,in fact its an advantage.because instead of being fond of other things anime gets all the attention of its viewers, taking them away to drugs,cigarettesand as of such bad friends. this of course is not noticeable by many people just few persons are realizing it.
    and about the disadvantages, those are hentai. they are sex typed anime.
    though not everyone is being affected by this. so you could actually say that anime is bad and good based on who or what kind of person we are taking about

  4. ezrael said:

    Advantages- allows you to see more of the creators imagination, the stories can be vastly different, the plots can be vastly original.
    Disadvantages- most people in this world won’t take anime seriously, and some shouldn’t be taken seriously, but others should, but because their ‘cartoons’ they refuse to watch it.

  5. adam.skinner said:

    Anime vs what?

    Live action content?
    American-style animation?
    Manga / comic books?

  6. psychofreak said:

    Well the about anime is that there is anything and everything. And I mean everything ^-^

    From card games to gay couples and even tennis. You name it.

    But the disadvantage is that not everything will be liked by all so many people can easily have a bad impression.

    I mean for example “Grown ups playing children’s card games? That’s just ridiculous right?”


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