What is more important a celebrity’s weight or their talent?

I ask this because everytime a picture is posted about a celebrity at an event or awards show the first thing out of peoples mouth is their weight. Either the celebrity is too big or too small, there is no middle ground. That is one of the reasons I would be afraid of being a celebrity because I’m not a small person and in order for me to be small I would have to work really hard to do so and it would be unhealthy.

If a celebrity is very talented, should their weight or size even matter?
I do agree that all people should be healthy regardless of their profession, but there are celebrities who are very healthy and at a healthy weight for them but people still call them fat or too skinny. Every person has a different body type and I never decided I wasn’t going to listen to an artist or watch an actress because of their weight or size. That’s just silly.

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3 Responses to “What is more important a celebrity’s weight or their talent?”

  1. sharihays123 said:

    No I think Talent counts for a lot more look at Aretha Franklin, MaMa Cass, Janis Joplin none of these fit the mold of ideal weight or looks but they are Icons. Talent lives on looks fade.

  2. Enclyclopedia said:

    I think Both are equally important. If you are healthy then producers will pick you and you will be able to showcase your talents to your fans

  3. viami o said:

    The celebrities talent. I don’t care what their weight is… I take that back. If a person is too skinny, I always comment ” he/she is too skinny. Eat something please!” If he/she is of a healthy weight and talented, I applaud them.


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