What is it with celebrities naming their children such odd names?

First it was Michael Jackson naming his children Apple and Blanket,
now it’s Ashlee Simpson naming her son Bronx. Do celebrities think they’re that much higher than the working- class people that they have to go ten notches higher with the baby names. Do they consider their children when choosing their names, and how when they grow up how their classmates and peers will taunt them? Seriously? Am I the only one that thinks this? What’s your stance on it?

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2 Responses to “What is it with celebrities naming their children such odd names?”

  1. hugsandhissyfits said:

    Not sure their meaning behind it.I grew up w an odd name and swore i would never name my child something odd…
    They do show in studies kids with names like alice,mary,bill come from stable homes?maybe it says something..lol

  2. MrDixon_ said:

    I would say it was because they wanted their child to stand out. Most celeb children will never be able to have a normal job like a teacher or something along those lines as they are in the media spotlight, therefore they can only really be something/someone famous. A weird name would help that quite alot I would think. Although some names are pushing it a bit i.e. Apple


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