What do you think about the new Justin Bieber 3D movie and memoir that isn’t a memoir book?

I personally don’t think that he deserves it, and I don’t like the idea of a Justin Bieber movie yet alone in 3D! And isn’t he a little too young to write a memoir that isn’t a memoir book?

What do you think?

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17 Responses to “What do you think about the new Justin Bieber 3D movie and memoir that isn’t a memoir book?”

  1. Kate Reeva said:

    He’s going to be in a 3-D movie? That’s the saddest thing I’ve heard today.

    I agree with WtfGirl (☠)!

  2. Farty McFart {Suspension No 23} said:

    i love it!

  3. WtfGirl (☠) said:


    *Ahem*. Yeah. Not a fan.

  4. ★ⓂⒶⓉⓉ♥ said:

    *Shoots Self*

  5. Noemy and Domo-Kun :) said:

    The room where it will be at will be sold out for MONTHS probably it’s justin Bieber most of the girls like him it’s gonna be sold out for a long time where i live.

  6. Me! said:

    I think it’s stupid. Nobody cares about your life, Justin!

  7. Missy said:

    He’s 16! And he thinks he has sooo much life experience. Please!

  8. Tamia Lewis said:

    [gets a heart attack and dies of shock]

  9. live love laugh:) said:

    Well this sucks!!

  10. LiveLaugh said:

    Yeah, he’s only what, 16? 17? How much stuff could he have been through when he wrote his first song when he was 14? It doesn’t make any sense at all. And I don’t think he deserves one either. Damn, Kanye West or Eminem haven’t even got one yet and they’ve been out a lottttt longer than Justin Bieber.

  11. blunklaura said:

    Uhm that will be an awful short memoir-that-ISNT-a-memoir….he’s been famous for only what,a year or two?

    And isn’t he a bit young?He’s only 17, his voice has only just started cracking…..will the book be handwritten in crayon with LOTS of drawings?

  12. KIrtes said:
  13. Jessica Has Bieber Fever said:

    I think Justin Bieber deserves the movie, he is such an icon right now! Actually, I’ve heard things that the movie director dropped out. That makes me personally upset, cuz I am a super, OVERLY-OBSESSED fan of his (if you can tell from my profile…)! The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana got 3D movies, and Justin Bieber is far by more popular compared to when they were more popular a few years back. The memoir on the other hand, is basically just pictures of him on tour, and a bit about him. It’s not like a “LIFE STORY!”, so it’s not something he’s too young for.

    Haters really have no reason to hate on him. Cuz he sounds like a girl? No, he does not. Search him up singing live and talking, he doesn’t. When they producers edit his songs, most of the time they edit his voice higher than it really is, that’s true though. He is NOT GAY EITHER! Do people have things against gays? Huh, is that why? Justin Bieber is not gay though!

    Yeah, people are gonna thumb down this, but whatever. I stick to my opinion. My question though, are you a hater or just someone who’s asking a question?

  14. Curlyy Friess :) said:

    OMB he does deserve it!!I cant wait for the book and the movie to come out!!I love him and his music!!!!!

  15. !ILUVJB! said:

    He does deserve it!He is so amazing and caring.I cant wait for the book and the movie to come out 🙂

  16. Sonaly said:

    Hi, he is to little to do this things the Adult people are exploting little children like britney and others so i thinks that they are bad doing this…

    I found a website that they are offering free ticket of Justing Bieber for Free take a look now


  17. Lolicon said:

    justin bieber sucks and he is a faggot.


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