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What celebrity news should i write about for my school newsletter?

I have to write an article about celebrities/celebrity news for my school newsletter.
I am not sure what exactly to write about.
any suggestions? what is the hottest celebrity news right now?

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2 Responses to “What celebrity news should i write about for my school newsletter?”

  1. Glen said :

    Sandra Bullock is a hot topic. On top of the world after winning an Oscar, only to find out her husband is cheating on her lol

  2. sizesmith said :

    Instead of writing about the hottest celebrity, which is going to have blurbs everywhere, and half of them false, use a little creativity, and write about someone from the past, who’s done a lot of good. There are people like Marlo Thomas, who’s father Danny Thomas started St. Jude’s hospital for children in Memphis, Tennessee. To make that subject more local, find out if any fundraisers are going to be in your area to benefit them, down to a collection jar at your local 7-11 store. That is actually news, and your teachers will grade you higher.

    Or, maybe Bob Hope, who started going and seeing our Armed Services overseas, and there’s many after him, including Gary Sinese (sorry if I spelled it wrong), who is the star of CSI: New York, and he starred in the movie Forest Gump. He not only visits troops, but also does a lot of fundraising for their good. Chances are, he’s probably not in your particular area, however, it is a more modern news story.

    By using creative thinking, and getting facts from sources other than “People” magazine and other star magazines, you’ll get more points. Good luck on a winning story!


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