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What celebrity is horrible and what celebrity is great?

Which celebrity do you think is horrible and which do you think rules?
I will chose the answer I agree with.

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16 Responses to “What celebrity is horrible and what celebrity is great?”

  1. Rita R said :

    miley cyrus is horrible and heath ledger is great.

  2. Suup Jen? ™ said :

    Selena Gomez is horrible.
    I don’t know who is great.
    There are a lot of great celebrities out there.
    But I think I will agree with the first person.
    Heath Ledger was great.

  3. Es, Tee, Eff, You said :

    jonas brothers, miley cyrus are horrible

    and amy winehouse is great =D haha

  4. rowan20172000 said :

    i dont really dislike any celebs.
    I miss Heath Ledger, And really like Angelina Jolie.

  5. SmokeyD said :

    The guy who played Screech in Saved By the Bell is horrible.

    Oprah Winfrey is great.

  6. spud said :

    Anyone who has ever featured in Heat, OK, or any of those other godawful publications are horrible. People like Nick Cave & Patti Smith are people I admire but they’d hate being referred to as celebrities.

  7. Helen R said :

    horrible: paris hilton, miley cyrus, victoria beckham, geri haliwell (ginger spice from spice girls), mandy jiroux (if thats how you spell her name lol mileys dancer friend)

    great: heath ledger (was so talented and good looking), johnny depp, leona lewis, keira knightley, mel c (sporty spice from spice girls), sugababes-(members names are heidi, keisha and amelle british number 1 girlband). i could go on but the lists would be endless lol.

  8. lost2day said :

    Any celebrity who enjoys being treated like a “star”, I detest. Special treatment for another human being is stupid to me.

  9. I♥ Tom and Bill Kaulitz said :

    most disney stars-horrible
    Tokio Hotel, Britteny Spears, Russell Brand…..hmmm that’s all i can think of right now

  10. ♫♥Geek in the Pink♥♫ said :

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus and Hugh Hefner.
    David Archuleta and Leona Lewis are awesome.

  11. TiNy-4-lYf said :

    I would say that miley cyrus sukks not jux cuz ihate her but she really sukks but i think that Patrick Swayzee

  12. Live .Laugh. Love ♥ said :
  13. Hello!!!! said :

    ok paris hilton is horrible and avril lavigne is great in my opinion

  14. bob said :

    Horrible: paris hilton, conan obrien, christina aguilera.

    Good: too many to list

  15. READ MI PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said :

    Miley Cyrus…. XXX
    Jonas Brothers….LUV LUV LUV

    If you don’t agree, i don’t mind, everyone has their own opinion

  16. kimshot said :

    Miley Cyrus and Jessica Alba


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