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What celebrities do you think have a positive influence on young people?

I am working on a current event speech for school. I chose to write it over how the media and celebrities effect the young population but so far I have only found negative things. There has to be something positive that has happened with celebrities within the past six months but I can’t find it…

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11 Responses to “What celebrities do you think have a positive influence on young people?”

  1. тняеатеиеδ, яір тυрас 1971-1996♥ said:

    Selena Gomez
    Demi Lovato
    Lisa Marie Presley
    Michael Jackson

  2. ashley said:

    sandra bullock
    selena gomez

  3. Satan's Daughter said:

    John Rhys-Davies and Brian Blessed.

  4. Alinsky Dutch said:

    Pink Floyd.

  5. Megan said:

    What about disney stars they have their own friends for change to make the word a better place =]

  6. Beast from the East said:

    anyone but Michael Jackson, most likely because Earth would turn into Paedophile Heaven in 10 years time.

  7. Vexɨ said:

    Lisa Marie Presley. She inspires to take your own route, do what you want, and to not let anyone bring you down.

  8. Dan ★ said:

    Miley Cyrus.. she’s a true inspiration and if you did a bit of research and looked past what she wears, you would see that.

  9. Rachel (2010) said:

    Heath Ledger

    Lisa Marie Presley

    Both of them always have/had their own opinion, and make/made their own choices no matter what anyone says.

  10. Next Disney Star11 said:

    I just went to a Selena Gomez concert last night and OMG!

    My mom even said she looked beautiful, and she was so humble and sweet!

    A quarter of the songs played were even for the parents!! It was so great!

    She kept thanking her fans and everything! It was so sweet..

    So to answer your question:

    Celebrities help kids follow their dreams by showing them what THEY accomplished.
    They are people with great jobs that most of the time, stay true and let kids show their uniqueness.

  11. Gail M said:

    Jennifer Garner, who balances her career beautifully with motherhood and her marriage; Johnny Depp, who does the same with fatherhood, commitment, interlligence, grace, humility and talent, Matt Damon, who does the same, Nelson Mandela, who shows us over and over again what courage and integrity mean, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. who give away as much as they get and do it with open hearts while raising a family and working, It’s about integrity, generosity of spirit, good values, humility and the best of which humans are capable.


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