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What causes some people to be possessed?

I know there aren’t any facts and stuff, but what is your opinion?

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9 Responses to “What causes some people to be possessed?”

  1. Rotten Crotch said :

    that doesn’t happen lol
    … i hope

  2. Sirius Black *manhoe* said :

    Not getting their sammich

  3. King Milo said :

    Playing around with the occult. like summoning things and oiuja boards.

  4. Ēm!ly Ŧhe Яeptiliaŋ QυεεИ said :

    Doesn’t happen.

  5. Amelie said :

    brain tumor or mental illness

  6. Jeniv the Brit said :


  7. Pocket Protecktor said :

    The demons, though evil beyond imagining, have “preferences” with what kind of people they like to take control of.

    They enjoy taking the “naughty” ones.

    So don’t trust naughty people.

    It’s okay to date them, but don’t dance with the devil too long, I’m just sayin’ here.

  8. Buffalo said :

    Mental illness.

  9. Jon said :

    Well if your referring to demon possession, it can happen when you don’t believe in Jesus and open a door to the spiritual realm. Seances and Ouija boards are ways of letting evil in, whether you believe in it or not. I don’t know if your a christian or not, but as for me, I don’t do that stuff because God commands his people not to.


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