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What can i do to become a famous guitar player?

What songs should i practise and when should i practise also does anyone know were i can get tabs for all the scales.

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4 Responses to “What can i do to become a famous guitar player?”

  1. luke said:

    you have to master the art of performance

  2. meagan said:

    google it and then when you are good at it create a myspace and put your music up and everyone will listen to you yay! try learning stuff like tabs there a lot easier that chords to memorise and such just google guitar tabs for any song you like are good sigts for them and then try youtube for some tips theres also a newsletter you can subscribe to called guitar tricks

    Bryan Hillebrandt that sends you tips in the e-mail 🙂

  3. jwenting said:

    Get a good instructor. Learn to read notation, learn music theory. Learn to actually play that axe rather than be a poser like so many kids who think they are “really great”.
    Don’t think you can get anywhere by just downloading some “tabs”.

    And certainly don’t think you’ll ever amount to anything if you’re just aping some songs you downloaded “tabs” for from some website.

    Becoming a good player requires years of effort, several hours of practice each day under professional tutelage.
    Becoming a great player requires the same, but takes decades.

    Becoming famous however, or rather infamous, just requires you to make some stupid video where you make a massive fool of yourself and get it to go viral on youtube. And that’s about the only thing most kids seem to care about these days.

  4. Rob D said:

    If this was the 60s then I should tell you to talk a little trip in some acid lol.But really, you gotta learn how to create your own musical stuff (guitar song).Your not gonna be famous if your going to play Iron Man and Smoke on the water.Its pretty easy now a days to get famous.I mean theres the internet! You don’t know what Youtube can do to your carrer :).But again before you even try to start that stuff, you have to make your own music.Become in a band or me a solo musician.

    If you think you have enough to start off then enter a guitar compettition or try to do some local gigs.Maybe even fly to a Record company.
    But theres always sitting on the side of the street, with your open guitar case playing for money.Well….umm…forget everything i’ve told you.


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