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Question about karaoke and/or singing games?

I am wondering if they judge really hard and if you can change the octave/register, i know i can sing and do it very well but i dont wanna go and spend a lot of money on “Rock Band” all so they can tell me i suck lol. I sing in a lower register (much lower) and I kinda tweak my voice like Eddie Vedder, Scott Weiland, Scott Stapp etc… I just need to know do these singing games accept your personal singing style? If this makes any sense at all.

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One Response to “Question about karaoke and/or singing games?”

  1. Cheryl said:

    Your question totally makes sense. I have SingStar pop…they make a rock one too, and it does sort of mold to your register. I like it too, because it helps you fix your register, like if the singer has a high one, you try to match it. That is great because it helps you to realize that you can reach different registers. But like I said, it does mold to your register automatically, as long as you match the notes. Also, there is an easy, med, and hard setting on there too.

    Such a fun game, worth the cost.


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